London is struggling with online trolls

The London police have created a new unit to fight the widespread trolls. Qualified specialists will deal with the identification of such persons. They will also provide full support for the victims they are victims of.

Probably most of you even met on the web troll. Well, if it was fleeting contact, but usually the matter is more serious, because often the purpose of such people is to annoy others. So if they get on somebody, they will not give him peace of mind, attacking social media, posting edited photos and spreading lies about their victims, which can ruin their reputation.

Fighting such individuals is very difficult, because uniformed services are not always able to take appropriate action. The London police, at a cost of £ 1.7m, have therefore decided to create a dedicated unit that is dedicated to online trolls. The department is called the Online Hate Crime Hub and has five staff members working to track trolls in social media and help their victims.…

The European Space Agency is planning to destroy its probe

The European Space Agency has already announced a date for saying goodbye to Rosetta’s probe, which has been carrying out a mission to study the comet 67P (Churyumov-Gerasimenko) for the last few years. The device that was launched in space 12 years ago will officially end its life on September 30th.

In the fall of this year, the Rosetta spacecraft, sent to space several years ago, will be scrapped to investigate the comet 67P (Churyumov-Gerasimenko) and provide the scientists with information about its composition to determine its origin. After a few dozen months of travel, the device has recently arrived at its destination, providing scientists with valuable data about the cosmos.

The probe, flying with the comet, has traveled 850 million kilometers, making it so far away from the sun that its photovoltaic cells are no longer able to produce enough energy to operate the electronic heating system to ensure that it operates at room temperature. Vacuum, as well as the power of other components.

The scientists found it no longer necessary to count on the operation of the probe, which would soon cease to function, so it was decided that her life would be ended on 30 September, and the whole machinery would be shattered by the rock she accompanies.…