In the next few years, the saloon will feature first models of fully autonomous cars that will no longer need the driver and pick up the passengers themselves to their destination. This does not mean, however, that older car models will become worse because they will also be equipped with similar technology.

Nauto is an American startup specializing in the design of auto- motive technology. The purpose of the company’s activities is to develop solutions that would also equip older vehicles with such systems, thereby increasing their functionality.

The first step in accomplishing this task is a new device that monitors the surroundings of the vehicle by means of cameras, as well as records the driver’s face, keeping track of his eyeballs. The system will not be able to drive the car for the time being, but it will primarily be used to collect data for later use in more advanced devices.

Nauto has just started public testing of its new technology, which runs in San Francisco, with dozens of cabs and a fleet of private passenger cars. Data collected during the tests will be used to design new equipment, but the company also wants to make it available to the government that runs a program to reduce the number of road fatalities.

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