A team of Dutch researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology has developed a mobile application that can reduce aggression on the road. The tool uses expanded reality to improve communication between drivers.

Driving is a very nervous business. Not all of them can lead, so they are traveling the road, enforcing precedence and doing many other mistakes that cause our rage. When this reaches its apogee, such situations can sometimes end up with a fight, which many examples will find, for example on YouTube.

Researchers from the Dutch University of Technology, Eindhoven, led by Chao Wang, have created something that can help in such situations by preventing road aggression. They have developed a special mobile application that uses enhanced reality technology to streamline communication between drivers.

An application called CarNote uses our smartphone camera to scan the road for specially designed stickers on the rear window of the car. This way, the identification of drivers and their placement in the system is performed.

The task of this tool is to inform other drivers of our intentions, as well as the ability to evaluate their driving style. If, for example, we rush to the hospital, instead of trumpeting and flashing lights on cars in front, we can send information to the previous vehicle to go to another belt. We can also express our disapproval of a driver who drives aggressively and puts others in danger, arriving the road and enforcing precedence. In the future, such data could also be used by insurance companies to make aggressive drivers increase their rates.