Urban-X’s New York startup has unveiled an unusual trash can. The project called TetraBIN was created to encourage the hybrids of the city to throw waste away where they should be instead of leaving them on the street.

The problem of dirty streets is all over the world, because many of the city’s residents are reluctant to look for a nearby trash to get rid of the waste, leaving them where they are. Urban-X’s New York startup has created a special basket designed to encourage the dumping of garbage.

TetraBIN has a built-in LED display on which to play. There are bats flying in the virtual sky, while the dogs have to be fed on the ground. The three-chambered interior of the trash was filled with motion sensors that detect any dumped trash.

The waste that is inside it is then translated into the digital equivalent of chicken legs thrown by hungry animals. Feeding the belt is rewarded with special codes that can then be used on the TetraBIN website, exchanging it for physical items.

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