David Marcus, Vice President of Product Product, confirms that Messenger Messenger will soon be popping up ads. They will appear as sponsored posts.

Most of Facebook’s revenue comes from ads, so the portal is looking for new ways to deliver to their users. One of the latest ideas is to provide sponsored posts to people using the popular messenger messenger.

This plan was during David Marcus, vice president of product portal, who appeared at the Lisbon Web Summit conference. He explained that advertisers would now be able to provide users with posts promoting their products.

However, he assured that Facebook will keep full control of the system so that users are not accidentally overwhelmed by spam. For example, an entrepreneur will not be able to send sponsored posts to a person who does not have an open conversation. Theoretically, this means that the user does not get ads from a company that he had nothing to do with him yet, although knowing life is not that certain.

Fortunately, if it turned out to be otherwise, then the user would be able to block such messages if they did not want to receive them.

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