The greatest threat to military missions in war-affected countries is the so-called ” IED, ie improvised explosive charges, remotely detonated radio signal. These are the ones that are most consuming, so the American army is working on a technology that aims to combat them.

Northrop Grumman Information Systems, a Northwest Grumman Information Systems company, is working on a JCREW (Joint Counter Radio Controlled Improved Explosive Device Electronic Warfar) program to develop an electronic jamming signaling system for cargo detonation.

The system will come in three variants. The first one is to be small enough to carry it in a backpack. The next version will be slightly stronger and larger and intended to be installed on tactical vehicles, while the third version is a fully stationary system installed in camps or a base of soldiers. The task of all three variants is to create a protective area around soldiers where detonation of the IED will not be possible.

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