Researchers from Swansea University have just started testing innovative medical technology in the form of smart patches. Devices equipped with 5G connectivity will be checked for another 12 months.

Technological advances in medicine are so rapid that in just a few years doctors will be able to remotely monitor patients’ health by providing information on their vital parameters. This will help with smart slices, which will be tested soon after at Swansea University.

Scheduled for 12 months, it will assess the suitability of modern patches with microscopic sensors and 5G connectivity to monitor patient health. This will allow doctors to more accurately determine how to treat their injuries, taking into account parameters such as activity and location. If, for example, the sensor shows that the therapy produces the desired results and that the patient is physically active, the doctor will be able to use a different solution than those who need to remain at home and their injuries heal much more slowly.

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