The technological advances that have taken place in the past few years on the smartphone market have made these portable devices start to offer modern displays for ever-increasing picture quality. In a few years, however, it may be even better, thanks to the invention of Stephen Chou.

Chou is a Princeton University professor and scientist who has been specializing in nanotechnology for several years and is planning to use his expertise to build a completely new LED technology for smartphones. His research not only will greatly improve the efficiency of LEDs, but may also provide better image quality on smartphones.

Currently used LEDs are very inefficient, converting to light only 2-4 percent of the energy supplied, the rest is converted to heat. Although some researchers in the laboratory were 38 percent efficient, Chou went much further, and with his technology he managed to increase it to 60 percent.

Although the brightness of the LEDs can be a problem, as opposed to the opacity of the light, Chou managed to do it by using a special nanoparticle, which managed to increase the contrast by as much as 400 percent. The invention also has several other advantages, since improving the efficiency of the LEDs can simultaneously reduce the energy consumption, which translates into longer working hours of the entire device.