At airports around the world begin to appear devices called TravelersBox. These are kiosks that let you get rid of the remnants of the local currency by converting them into iTunes credits or recharging your PayPal account.

When we come back from vacation in a foreign country, it often happens that we have some local currency in our pocket, which we do not know what to do. Due to the small amount of money it can not spend on anything useful, and for the same reason exchange in the cantor would make no sense. In that case, a device called the TravelersBox will come with help.

These are small kiosks that can be found at airports in many countries and allow us to easily get rid of local money. All you need to do is put in your little one that the machine will exchange for iTunes credits, a supplement to your PayPal account or Starbucks coupons.

Of course, such exchanges are not free, the owner of the TravelersBox takes up 7% commission. But there is no minimum amount that we can exchange and we will get rid of local money that will not be useful to us any more.

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