The Uber corporation was fined by the Federal Trade Commission. The company will pay a $ 20 million fine for misrepresenting earnings for its drivers.

Uber ads tempt potential drivers with high earnings and although they can earn, American officials have decided that in these promises the corporation UBER too far off the truth. The difference is so great that the Federal Trade Commission has imposed a $ 20 million fine on Uber as a misleading person willing to undertake work in this company. The FTC claims that in job offers Uber has deliberately suggested that for New York, the annual salary of Uber employees could be $ 90,000, while in San Francisco it would be $ 74,000.

After examining the amount of earnings, it turned out that less than 10 percent. Drivers are able to earn a declared amount, and the rest are far behind.

The FTC’s complaints also apply to the Vehicle Solutions program, which leverages a new car from the Uber. In job offers, the company said the weekly lease would cost the employee about $ 119, while the drivers themselves said they would never go below $ 200. This was the case from the end of 2013 to April 2015.

Uber also asserted that it offers the best financing terms for buying a vehicle. In fact, they were, however, one of the worst and many financial institutions offered much better conditions. To make matters worse, the company also misled employees, suggesting that there was no limit on the number of miles traveled while offering the lease.

This is not the first fine imposed on Uber for misleading. Last year the company had to pay 384 thousand. Penalties for misleading tip policy in the UberEats service. In addition, it has paid San Francisco and Los Angeles cities $ 10 million for a false statement about checking the drivers’ past.