There was another large leak of information from the US intelligence agency. Vault7 is the code name for the latest Wikileaks publication, which reveals what spy tools are used by the CIA. IOS, Android or Windows? It does not matter what system you use, CIA knows all the gaps and knows how to use them.

The Vault7 is made up of 8761 documents, which, according to the site, make it unique, even on Wikileaks extensive. Analyzes are still ongoing, but now the scale and manner of CIA operation in the digital age is emerging.

The information includes detailed descriptions of exploits, ie vulnerabilities in software related to operating systems responsible for computers, mobile devices, and televisions.

Understanding vulnerabilities is just the way to get information, and Vault7 includes descriptions of malware (Wikileaks for obvious reasons has not provided the code itself) used by the Spyware Agency.

Interestingly, the CIA, when it comes to creating spyware, closely tracks and analyzes cybercrime attacks and the software it uses, and is eager to use ready-made solutions.

The Vault7 documents also confirm that the CIA shared some of the solutions with national agencies such as the NSA or the FBI, or the allied British intelligence service MI5.

Wikileaks publishes many interesting information about the technical aspects of the US intelligence agency’s activities. It is difficult to say, however, that this information should be “groundbreaking” – in the end it involves the work of spies to spy on.

Controversial is the leaked information tools themselves, because if they managed to reach them Wikileaks can not be excluded that they also hit the hands of cybercriminals. And they do not bother to collect information – data collected from the device can be used to break into bank accounts or to shop online on someone else’s credit cards.